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As an F&B establishment, we understand that there are moments where you wish to expand your menu and provide a fuller experience to your customers. We would  love to offer our expertise and experience in supporting that desire. 

For F&B partners exclusively, our bespoke macaron service encompasses branding considerations, macaron flavour exclusivity, and logistical support. That means that the series of macarons created with us are yours alone, and will not be found anywhere else, including our retail store. 

If you wish to supply our existing flavours in your premises, that can definitely be arranged. 

Kindly note that as the bespoke process involves R&D, there will be a minimum order quantity stipulated and R&D fee, depending on your concept and requirements.



Together, we'll discuss the branding direction you would like to go with your exclusive set of macarons, including menu cohesiveness and seasonality, if needed.


We'll curate fully developed ideas that we'll refine together with your team.



We'll proceed with our R&D process and provide multiple tastings to ensure that the flavour experience meets expectations. 

Following that, we'll discuss operational considerations and finalise the contract terms.

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