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  • An order and delivery slot will only be successfully placed after payment is completed. Orders can be placed up to 2 weeks in advance, but must be made at least by the Friday prior to the week of delivery.

  • We only deliver to residential areas. Please note that we do not deliver to commercial buildings, Tuas, Jurong Island, commercial areas of Sentosa, Changi cargo, air bases, airports, army camps, government buildings, prison quarters, hospitals, shipyards, cargo areas, powergrid, all offshore islands, as well as particular whole areas. Check here for the full list. 

  • Delivery windows and dates may change at any time subject to the company's decision.

  • Any requests to change the time of delivery made within 2 working days of the delivery date will not be entertained, as mentioned in our “Amendments and Cancellations” section below.

  • Please ensure that you are available for the entire window. If you have any concerns, you can leave a comment when checking out and we will try our best to accommodate you. If you risk being absent at the time of delivery, we are not able to make last-minute changes. Our dispatch crew will leave the product(s) in a safe and secure location at your door. You are free to make your own arrangements if you desire additional safekeeping of the product(s) while you are absent. 

  • We have a strict waiting time of 5 minutes. 

  • If the intended recipient is not the person placing the order, please make sure that the intended recipient is available during the chosen delivery window prior to placing an order. If the recipient is not present during the delivery, after the 5-minute waiting time, the product(s) will be placed in a safe and secure location at the recipient’s door. Once the product(s) have been placed by our dispatch crew, we will not be responsible for the condition of the product(s) thereafter.

  • Please check that your order is correct upon delivery. Disputes regarding incorrect orders or missing product(s) will only be entertained if they were raised to the dispatch crew member at the time of delivery. This is so that the crew member can immediately contact us at HQ to address the issue. Please drop us an email at if you have any queries. 

  • We do our best to minimise compromising our product while in-transit, from specially designed packaging to comprehensive delivery procedures, and are confident of their efficacy. We regret that we will not be responsible for aesthetic damage occurring while the order is in-transit to the destination. We are also not responsible for any damage occurring after delivery completion. 

  • If delivery instructions specify placing the product(s) outside the premises instead of handing it directly to the recipient, we will not be responsible for the condition of the product(s) after delivery completion.

  • We do not deliver internationally.

  • If a delivery has failed, our dispatch crew immediately sends us a comprehensive report detailing the reason for the unsuccessful delivery. Following that, the customer must send us an email and we will follow up accordingly. Based on the circumstances, there may be a change fee of $5 incurred for re-delivery. 


  • The total order value includes price of product(s), taxes, and delivery charges, if any. All order amendments or cancellations must be made via email to with the subject title “Order amendment/cancellation for #(order number)”. Requests sent after 6pm or on weekends will not be entertained until the next working day.

  • Valid amendment requests are those that increase or maintain the total order value, such as increasing or maintaining the order size (adding a product, exchanging a product for another of equal value, adding a customisable card, etc) or changing the delivery date, window, and/or location. All valid amendment requests are subject to availability and approval. 

  • We will not entertain invalid amendment requests, namely requests that decrease the total order value or are sent in within 2 working days of the delivery date.

  • When you send a request email, our team will reply to either inform you of the payment amount to be made within 12 hours, or that your request is invalid, too late, or unavailable. Once you have made payment, respond to our team's email with a screenshot of the transaction and we will verify it. After verification, we will send another email to confirm that your request is approved. If payment is not made within 12 hours, we will void the amendment request and proceed with the original order information.

  • Valid amendments for changes to the delivery date, time, and/or location will incur a change fee of $5. Total payment amount for such an amendment includes the change fee ($5), as well as the top-up for any increases in total order value (such as adding a customisable card, changing product(s) to one of higher value, or increasing order size), if any. 

  • Cancellation requests are allowed up to 2 working days before the delivery date. There is no cancellation fee, but we will only refund in-kind 50% of the total order value via a digital voucher on your next purchase. The voucher is valid for one year from date of issuance. This is because our macarons are made-to-order. We do not provide full or partial refunds in cash.


  • All discount codes and digital vouchers must be redeemed before their expiry date. We do not provide extensions. A delivery date after the expiry date may be chosen.

  • Discount codes and digital vouchers are not transferable for cash, and are non-transferable.

  • Orders utilising discount codes or digital vouchers cannot be amended or cancelled. Full order cancellations may be entertained under extraordinary circumstances. In such a situation, our cancellation policy will apply, and the discount code or digital voucher will be forfeited. 


  • The contents of these pages (including pictures, designs, logos, photographs, text written and other materials) are the copyright trademark or registered trademark of JADED PTE LTD or its content and technology providers or their respective owners. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The copying, modification, distribution, reproduction, or incorporation into any other work of part or all of the material available on this website in any form is prohibited save that you may: 

    • Copy, print or download extracts of the material on this website for the sole purpose of using this website or placing an order with JADED PTE LTD

    • Copy, print or download the material on this site for the purpose of sending to individual third parties for their personal information provided that you acknowledge us as the source of the material and that you inform the third party that these conditions apply to them and that they must comply with them.

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